Ordering food in a restaurant

We know that the best way to learn how to speak a Language is by speaking it. So throughout the school year, we have prepared a lot of activities to improve English. In the last speaking activity, the students had to practise how to order food in a restaurant.

This is extremely good practice for the students as one of the most important things when travelling abroad is knowing how to order food and drinks.

First of all, the students had to design their own menus, and then they took it in turns to play the role of a waiter and a customer. Of course they were also required to pay for their order and to know how to collect and manage money.

As you can see below, this is an example of a role play that the students have produced.

It goes without saying that we are very impressed with the students’ work and the preparation and effort they have put into their work.

Ordering food in a restaurant from Ins. Jaume Huguet


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