VIII Foreign Languages Week/ VIII Semaine des Langues Étrangères

2021 10 26 JORNADES LLENGÜES 4 CABINA TELOn October 27th we started the VIII Foreign Language Week organised by the English and French Department of our school. This year our topic is “A Virtual World”. We are now in a global world where virtual reality is increasing in importance and we would like to know how our students get involved around this subject. The English and French teachers have tried to bring encouraging tasks to enter that world full of surprises.

In our program we present a wide range of activities that focussed on developing multicultural education and fun. This year we have also the participation of other departments, for example:

Technology, with the 1ESO and 2ESO students, they create a Virtual Tour around London with the app Thinglink with panoramic pictures and 360º images writing a short explanation in English about some interesting places to visit.

Administration, the students have to create an infographic about Women and Economy.

Latin, the Batxillerat students develop an activity around Roman Architecture and History of Rome and the 4ESO students work on A Greek Myth.

The French Students have created an Avatar in 1st and 2nd ESO. They have made a virtual map of Valls including relevant facts about our culture in 3rd and 4th of ESO and they have created a virtual tour around Paris in Batxillerat.

We have decorated the school with the aim of having fun and bringing foreign languages to a real context. There is an exhibition of some representative elements of English speaking countries through a virtual Tardis which means entering in another dimension. The exhibition shows parts of typical landmarks that the students have to discover or, if not, look at the QR for information.

On Wednesday 27th we enjoyed our great magician, Jack the Magic English Teacher, he always brings very special moments to our 1ESO students. They enjoy his tricks and participate with enthusiasm.

On Thursday 28th the 3ESO students attended a musical workshop by the group Jumpingducks. They learned breathing techniques, sang and danced with coordinated choreographies, undoubtedly an amazing experience.

The 2ESO and 4ESO students went to the Teatre Principal to see the play: Monkey Business by the English Theatre Company. A teenagers’ story about relationships which the students had previously prepared in class.

On Friday 29th the 4ESO students sang and showed their artistic talent with Singlish karaoke. An activity that they had previously rehearsed in order to record a video with the performances of all the groups.

The 2ESO students danced and sang some of the most popular Irish songs with the Stompers in A Trip to Ireland. This is a workshop with nice live music which brings students the opportunity of learning Irish dances as well.

Moreover, the students have done other activities in English lessons, for example painting a virtual drawing, working on the film, Matrix. All these three days have been a success and the students not only have participated and enjoyed themselves, but also they have been involved in a language learning process more connected with the real everyday language.

This year we have received a grant from the European Union to reinforce the process of learning English through activities that encourage the students and allow them working outside the class.  We would like to thank everyone for their collaboration and participation.