Scotland on our minds

It has been an experience to remember and they had a dossier with some activities about the main aspects of our trip. But also they had to write a personal diary of our days in Scotland, with their own opinions, views, experiences and any other comments they would like to mention. Their writings have been excellent and we would like to show some of their opinions. Since travelling is a good way of learning about other cultures, of meeting people and of sharing special moments with your mates, let's enjoy some of their feelings.

“It’s a beautiful country! The hotel was great! The landscape was impressive! We made a really long journey to reach the Loch Ness, but it was worth it! Edinburgh is a really big city and the Royal Mile is obviously long! The free time was good except for the fact that I spent 2 hours in a store buying clothes! (thanks to my mates!)”

Marc Torreblanca

“I loved visiting Glasgow,  I liked the typical food and drink from Scotland and Alexis was a good guide.”

Raquel Cerrato

“I enjoyed the visit around the city centre. The most beautiful building was the Town Hall. I enjoyed the dinner too, although it was too early. Edinburg is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. The Royal Mile buildings are amazing and one of the streets artists made incredible pictures. The castle is huge and beautiful, it is incredible too! The Parliament was really surprising because it is a modern building in the old street. I really liked it. The last day was a shopping day. I bought some souvenirs for my family and clothes for me. In the airplane I was sitting near a couple of Glaswegians and they were very friendly. I spent a lot of time talking with them and I slept one hour too.”

Anna Batet

“Soon we arrived at the beautiful Glasgow Central Station. It was crowded. I felt a bit nervous but happy and curious. After dinner we went for a walk along the river Clyde. It was a great day! The landscape to the Loch Ness was amazing. We were surrounded by high mountains, green countryside and lots of ancient trees... a natural paradise. I have also practised my English a lot as I needed to talk to the shop assistants and asked some questions. It has been a very exciting morning, too short for me. It has been an excellent trip!”

Cristina Español


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