Halloween Infographics Exhibition

Each level had a different topic to reflect in the infographic and all of them had let their imagination work and express obtaining outstanding results.

The exhibition has been a great success, all the students have attended it with interest and admiration to see the work of their school mates.

The activity consisted of answering some questions about the different subjects and finally they voted for the best one in each level. We activated a survey on our IEduca platform which allowed to have the results immediately. We would like to thank the IT Department for their support and help.

We are pleased to share with you the names of the winners as well as the best pictures of the exhibition.

And the winners are:

-1ESO. Topic: Halloween Vocabulary

Clara Cano, Alba Fábregas I Martina Dalmau (1ESO D) together with Ízhar Mañas I Fathallah Taleb (1ESOA)

-2ESO Topic: Horror Films

Clàudia Saperas, Laura González, Gisela Solé, Xènia Serra.

-3 ESO Topic: Spooky Comics

Júlia Pérez, Saray Queralt, Sarai Zazo.

-4 ESO Topic: Advertising a Halloween Party and Slogans

Bilal Elouahabi, Ismael Garcia, Deybi Vargas.

-Français: Misterious Stories

Júlia Rull, Cèlia Moncusí.

-CPIGS Topic: Origins and Traditions

Anna Pérez, Clara Roig, Ariadna López.




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